Skeet Fundamentals
keep the action open and the muzzle pointed to the ground. Never load until you are on your position and
ready to call for your target.

Body Position
1) Make sure you have the correct foot position and gun-point position for every shot.
2) Bend the left knee slightly to pivot your body for a smooth swing. (It's the right knee, if your left handed.)
3) Be relaxed but physically alert when calling for your target.

Leading Targets
There are three ways to get your lead:
1) Maintained lead--Start ahead of the target to begin with, adjust your lead and fire. This is the easiest way to
start. If you use this method then the leads at the bottom of the page should work   for you.
2) Swing-through lead--Start with the bead behind the target, overtake it, and fire as you swing through and
out ahead of it.
3) Pull-ahead lead--Start with the bead on the target, pull out in front of it, obtain your lead and fire.

Follow Though
A stopped gun is probably a lost target. Keep your swing smooth, and follow through after the trigger is pulled
on every target. If possible, shoot with both eyes open. This will give you a better sight picture both of the
target and of the bead on your barrel. You will also be more relaxed with both eyes open. Always keep your
gaze focused on the target, not on the bead. You should see the bead only as a reference point, either on the
target or out in front of it if you're leading it. Remember that you must fire the moment you have obtained and
checked proper lead. If you start rechecking you lead to make doubly sure of it, you will slow down your swing
and miss your target. Never forget to follow through. And on those tough middle stations, 3, 4, and 5,
remember that a really positive follow-through is a must.

Three Things To Remember when you step on the station:

1.        Head on the Gun (Keep your head on the gun after the shot, don’t raise your head)
2.        Eye on the Target (Focus on the bird, not the front sight)
3.        Follow Through (Keep swinging the gun with the correct lead from below)