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The Club is Open

Restrictions: Masks are Required in the Clubhouse and Anywhere
Else that 6' Distancing cannot be Maintained per Illinois State
(Bring Your Own, Please),
Restrooms in the Clubhouse are Open.
You May Sign-up & Pay Inside or Through Outside Window.

The Club was closed Feb 7, 13, & 14, therefore,
Winter League Schedules have been revised
by moving Feb 7 & 14 shoots to April 11 & 18.
Remaining shoots are unchanged.

American League 2021 Schedule(updated 2-10-2021)  & Roster

National League 2021 Schedule(updated 2-10-2021) & Roster

American League 2021 Results WK1-10of15       WK11-13of15

National League 2021 Results WK1-10of15       WK11-13of15_R1

Winter Skeet League 2021 HI-TEN Standings WK1-13of15_R1

On the above Rosters to the Right of Your Name are 3 columns:
add (address), NRA, & email. If your info is missing from our database,
those columns will be blank. If you would like to receive announcements
about schedule changes, closures, upcoming events, Please forward your
contact info to
decaturgunclub@yahoo.com or leave it with the Manager
at the Club.
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